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Door Operators:

What's the Difference?

Trolley-type operators use rails to create a path for the door to travel.  A traveling device is connected to the door, and a chain is connected from the operator to the the traveler.  When activated, the operator moves the chain, in turn pulling the traveler (and the door) up along its path.

Hoist and Jackshaft operators are mounted to the side of the door or the front of the hood in the case of a grille application.  Hoist operators have emergency hand chain which assists in operating the door manually.  Jackshaft operators have a disconnect lever, which disengages the unit so that it can be lifted manually.

MG Operators are used where there is a heavy door to operate, many cycles per hour, or a combination of both.  The MG unit is a workhorse when there is work to be done.

Slide Door Operators are used where there is a need to partition off an area or passageway, such as a fire partition, freezer door, or warehouse area.  

To help determine the proper unit for your application, fill out our Door Operator Selection Worksheet.

All of our door operators have a black, powder coat finish. For more information and a list of our products click here

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